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Just Turns

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns. Don't Panic, They're Just Turns. Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Welcome to Just Turns

If your looking for the following, You've come to the right place!

  • Help with your Ballet / Jazz / Competition turns
  • Answers to your turning questions and frustration 
  • To increase your turning efficiency   
  • Increase the amount of turns you can or want to do!

Just Turns


What is Just Turns?

Just Turns, the world class pirouette and turns workshop is dedicated to strengthening turning skills in a unique, interactive and pressure free environment; designed to address every part of turning technique.


The 5 Rules and Tools

Using only five simple Rules and Tools, dancers will find new and familiar mind/body connections that create positive, lasting and dramatic changes in their own turning mechanics, that they can take from the studio to the stage. 


Why Just Turns works!

Just Turns fits all teaching syllabi by using the same turning fundamentals, and incorporating auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning methods so dancers can improve their turning confidence and consistency.

Meet - Ikolo Griffin -Professional Pirouette Coach

The Just Turns "Origin Story"

Throughout his 23 year career as a professional dancer, Ikolo danced many of the roles given to the best turner of the company. One day, he started helping some of the dancers in the company with their turns and it occurred to him that dancers from all over the dance world and every age and level would benefit from being able to work on turns outside the rehearsal and class setting. He then gathered all the information about turns and turning, and boiled it down to its fundamentals. Thus, Just Turns was born! 

The Turn Doctor

Ikolo has been teaching Just Turns for the last 11 years and results he gets, from the over 500 workshop he has given are why he is commonly known as the "Turn Doctor"

The Mission

Through Ikolo’s proven system, his mission is to improve the skill and confidence level of every dancer of all ages from professional and beginner all over the world. His goal is to arm them with the proper knowledge and techniques necessary to accomplish this. Ikolo looks forward to helping you take your turns to the next level!

Ikolo Griffin explains his unique approach to addressing common pirouette errors, with a stress free workshop guaranteed to improve any dancers turns from beginner to professional.