Just Turns is located in Seattle WA!

1416 Riverview Dr., Madera, CA 93637, us
Just Turns

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns. Don't Panic, They're Just Turns. Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I resister for a workshop in advance?

Its always best to get your spot early! Class sizes depend on studio size.

How do I pay?

Workshops can be paid with PayPal, Venmo, Cash, or Check (made payable to Ikolo Griffin)

What is the cancelation policy and fee?

What should the dancers wear?

Please wear clothes you feel comfortable in! You do not need to wear dance uniform's.

What kind of shoes should the dancer wear?

Please wear dance shoes you wear for your normal classes. Bear feet are hard to turn in, Jazz/Ballet/Comp footies are highly recommend.

How many years of dance should the dancer have to take a Just Turns workshop?

At least 2 years of dance experience is recommended to get the most out of even a Beginning Just Turns Workshop. 

Can I take Private Lessons?

Anyone can take Private Lessons! Just Turns will help anyone who wants to improve their turns.

Where do I find out about Master classes?

Please email Just Turns to find out more. Info@justturns.com

What is the format of a Just Turns workshop?

A 2 hour Just Turns Workshops are formatted as follows:

  • 30 min Warm up Barre
  • 30 min Turn Drills
  • 60 min Turns combinations 

How is Just Turns different from other Turns and Tricks classes?

Just Turns is different because it address the fundamentals of turning. Giving dancers the chance mentally and physically to find out what works best for their body types in a pressure free, fun atmosphere. 

How many students/dancers can take a Just Turns Workshop at one time?

Class sizes depend on the studio size. Dancer must have enough room to turn comfortably without knocking into each other.

How much experience should a dancer have to get the most out of a Just Turns Workshop?

Just Turns is perfect for the dancer with at least 4 to 5 years of dance training. 

How many Just Turns workshops should a dancer take before they notice a difference?

2 workshops will cover both Stationary and Traveling turns. Which will also reinforce the Just Turns technique as well.

What is the difference between Advanced, Intermediate, Beginning, and Absolute Beginner?

Just Turns Workshop levels breakdown as follows:

  • Advanced : Perfect for Pro, Pre-Pro and Advanced (5 yrs or more of dance training) dancers. This class offers more advanced combinations and tuning technique
  • Intermediate: For dancers with 2 -4 years of dance training
  • Beginning:  For dancers with 1 -2 years of dance training
  • Absolute Beginner: For dancers with no dance training.