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Just Turns

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns. Don't Panic, They're Just Turns. Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Just Turns Workshops


Thank you for your interest in Just Turns!

Just Turns workshop are designed to support any curriculum or dance technique you teach. It offers the dancers a chance to work on turns outside the normal class environment in a pressure-free atmosphere. Dancers are free to ask questions to their turning frustrations that they may not be able during regular class time.

Along with workshops and Master classes for students. Just Turns also offers Teacher Training for teachers who would like more information about teaching turn fundamentals such as “Spotting”. 


The two-hour or 90 minute Just Turns workshop is designed to focus the student’s approach and maximize turning technique in order to increase confidence and ability in all kinds of turns.

The class structure and progression are designed to break down every part of turning technique, training spot, balance, force control, and placement from the ground up. Students are free to ask questions, experiment, and take notes throughout the workshop in order to realize their ideal turning method.


The class starts with a short Warm-up barre, focusing on balance, and foot/leg speed. In the Turn Drills, dancers learn the 5 Rules and Tools without music, turning in a pressure free environment. 

Dancers often experience the “Ah-Ha”moment during this part of the class! Then, simple and effective Center Combinations, designed to give dancers the chance to incorporate the new turning information.

The 5 Rules and Tools

The 5 Rules and Tools covers the entire body by isolating each section, thus giving dancers the ability to focus and find a consistent turning dynamic:

  • Spot - Just Say “NO”
  • One - Turn in One Piece 
  • Strong - Strong BEFORE the Turn 
  • Fast - Fast into the 
  • Finish - Finish the Turn!

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