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Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.

Don't Panic, They're Just Turns. Don't Panic, They're Just Turns. Don't Panic, They're Just Turns.


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The dancer is GUARANTEED to improve their turns in one session. (Two sessions recommended)

Here is what people are saying about the Just Turns Workshops and Private Coaching

"From the moment Ikolo steps into the studio, he puts the dancers at ease.  He makes it clear what the goals are for the session and builds up confidence and excitement in the dancers.  Ikolo uses his years of professional dance experience to take the dancers through the processes to properly turn and to do so consistently and joyfully!  He gives plenty of individual attention and is straightforward in his delivery and expectations.  He is engaging and delightful all the way up until he rides away from the studio at the end of the workshop.  We love Ikolo!"

Shelly Schoendienst

Livermore School of Dance

"Ikolo Griffin has a wealth of knowledge that is rooted in solid technique and unbelievable creativity. What sets him apart is a passion for dance which is expressed through his enthusiasm and a deep appreciation for personal expression within it. He takes a genuine interest in each student as a unique artist: recognizing individual gifts, inspiring curiosity and confidence, and providing the guidance and encouragement to allow each performer to pursue their highest potential. I have utilized Ikolo’s talents through private lessons for my three children, Just Turns workshops, and have hired him as a professional dancer and words can not express just how pleased we always are with the outcome. My three children all credit him with being a major part of their continued success."

Denise Gillott

Pinkerton Ballet Theatre

Nevada Performance Academy

"I couldn't be more thrilled with the Just Turns Workshop and Ikolo. Not only was he very responsive to my student's needs but he also worked within my budget. He was very informative, funny and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Ikolo and his Just Turns Workshop to any dancer of any level who would like to improve their turns. My dancers now feel so much more confident about their turns. I cannot thank Ikolo enough!  In fact, I plan to call him again when the regular school dance year begins so that all of my students will get a chance to learn from him directly."

Karina Rosinzonsky

Dance Coach JCC Maccabi Experience

Head Dance Teacher for Tikvah Music and Dance School

"I'm a co-owner of a dance school in San Francisco, CA.  I took many of my students to take Just Turns Workshop and I witnessed how this workshop helps EVERYONE in EVERY LEVEL to improve their turns.  Ikolo's Just Turns Workshop is basically for Ballet turns.  He gives a short barre exercises, then, he works on different Ballet turns and sometimes including Jump-turns.  I brought students who are rather new to Ballet.  They were more experienced in Jazz and Tap.  So, I was not sure if it would work for them.  It simply was AMAZING!  By taking this workshop, ALL of them made a great progress in their Jazz turns also.  One of them was a beginner in both Jazz & Ballet.  She had just started taking some dance classes.  She took JTW, and next thing was she was doing a VERY CLEAN DOUBLE AND TRIPLE TURNS.  It was like seeing a miracle.  Ikolo helped me also.  I have been dancing for many years but certain types of turns (for example - attitude turns) have been challenging always.  By taking JTW, I was able to do double attitude turns.    Ikolo is positive and patient.  He breaks down each technique.  And he demonstrates every turns.  He is an inspiring teacher.

I will highly recommend Ikolo Griffin's Just Turns Workshop to ALL DANCERS!"

Sonoo H. Petty

Co-Artistic Director/Co-Owner, Geary Dance Center

"Just Turns workshop is a spectacular workshop for the driven student. Ikolo has a passionate, and fresh approach to teach students the fine details of turns , while always being supportive, and motivating to all students . Ikolo's charismatic presents commands students to strive for excellence as they see and feel the results of his brilliant coaching. All students can be benefit from the " Just Turns " workshop at any point of their training or even career. 

Heidi LuMaye 

Dance Director and choreographer