The Method

The two-hour Just Turns workshop is designed to focus the student’s approach and maximize turning technique in order to increase confidence and ability in all kinds of turns.


   The class structure and progression are designed to break down every part of turning technique, training spot, balance, force control, and placement from the ground up. Students are free to ask questions, experiment, and take notes throughout the workshop in order to realize their ideal turning method.

The Workshop

Class begins with a short barre that is streamlined to train the mind and body in the fundamental physical dynamics of turning.


The student is introduced to the Four Rules - one, fast, strong, finish - and will use these concepts as the basic components of turn technique.


Center work begins with simple exercises focused on training preparations, spot, balance, coordination, and strength, then progresses to more advanced combinations and specialized turns.


The culmination of the workshop is for each student to apply what they have learned in a classical ballet variation that uses every turn analyzed in class.