How to make a Video for Video Coaching

Video Coaching


A unique and effective way to perfect your turns

Thank you for your interest in Video Coaching! 

Ikolo will personally help you with your turns. 

Here are the requirement of the video you send to


$50 for 

  • 3 types of turns
  • 1 follow up video
  • Links to Just turns videos tutorials


How to get the most out of your session

  • Take a moment between each turn or combinations
  • Video in Landscape orientation
  • Make sure there is space at the top and bottom of the video
  • Do not use zoom on the camera
  • Its ok if the turn doesn’t work or not perfect.. That’s what i’m here for! 

For Stationary Turns:  Passe, attitude, etc...

  • A straight on shot of the turn
  • A shoot from the Right side 
  • A shoot from the Left side
  • Please do each turn 3x.


For Traveling Turns: Pique, Step up, Chaine… 

  • A straight on shot of the turn
  • Do the step only 4x

For Turning Combinations: Consecutive turns, Variations turns, Fouette,

  • Show getting into and out of just the turns, not the whole variation
  • Please do the combo 2x